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  • Yay! I just booked my table. What's next?
    Congratulations! You will now receive an email confirmation for your booking with all of your booking details. You will also receive an invoice for your balance to include the additional items you selected during the booking process such as food and upgrades. You will receive instructions and detailed directions on how to locate your table (if not booked at a residence) on the day of your booking. All you have to do is arrive at your table and ENJOY!
  • What's all included in my booking package.
    You can find the complete list of items included with your booking by going to "Book My Table" and clicking on the package that you booked. The full listing is included under the picture, For Five Star Restaurant tables: Table Chairs Table Cloth Runner Candle(s) Champagne or Wine Glasses Champagne Bucket Ice Florals Paper Nakins Bamboo Plates and Utensils Bluetooth Speaker Chalkboard Welcome Sign For Luxe Bohemian Chic Packages: Low Table Pillows Blanket Table Cloth Runner Champagne or Wine Glasses Candle(s) Champagne Bucket Ice Florals Paper Nakins Bamboo Plates and Utensils Bluetooth Speaker Chalkboard Welcome Sign
  • What happens on the day of my booking?
    You will receive an email with very detailed directions and instructions on how to find your space if you booked a location outside of your home. You will also be given the telephone number for the attendant that will stay with your table until you arrive to take possesion.
  • Can I leave at any time?
    You will need to stay with the table throughout your booking time. If you would like to leave your table early, you must notify Five Star Pop-Ups at least 30 minutes before you are ready to leave.
  • Can I extend my session beyond the 2 hours?
    Absolutely! You are welcome to add additonal hours to your booking for $60 per each hour added. This must be paid for in full before your booking date.
  • Is there a deposit to book a table?
    Yes, the deposit varies depending on the service booked. However, the deposit ranges from $100 to $300. Your balance including any upgrades and food added will be due 5 days prior to your booking date.
  • Can I bring my own food?
    Sure! You are free to bring whatever you choose. You are not required to order food through Five Star Pop-Ups.
  • I am planning something special. Can you customize my event?
    We can customize the design for any special event. Fees apply. Please call us at 562-371-9970 to discuss.
  • Can you do a larger event?
    Although we are 100% compliant with Covid-19 safety guidelines, we do offer packages that can accomodate large events. We can accomodate social distancing capabilities.
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